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Russian Culture Quiz

Welcome to your Russian Culture Quiz

1. The City of St. Petersburg, Russia, was built:

2. After the Russian St. Basil Cathedral was built in Moscow Red Square, the artists who built it:

3. This Russian man is known as the first man to visit space:

4. The most common dish served in Russia throughout the year, even on a hot summer day, is:

5. Most Russian dishes are served along with this indispensable item:

6. This non-alcoholic beverage Russians drink most frequently throughout the day:

7. The witch from the Russian folk tales is known as:

8. The long time Russian folk tradition has been to greet the guests with this peculiar combination:

9. All of these were very common pass time games in Russia during Soviet times, except:

10. This traditional gesture got preserved from ancient Slavic times and is still practiced today among Russian men at meeting and parting:

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