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Pets in Soviet Russia

Pets in Soviet Russia   Very few people in northern Soviet Russia had pets.  Pets were also rare in the Soviet central parts, like in my hometown Voronezh.  Some Russians kept hamsters as those didn’t require much food or space.  A large pickle jar lined up with...

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Russian Snowmen and Snow-Women

Russian Snowmen and Snow-women   In Russia we had snow in October and snow in November, snow in December and definitely snow in January. We had snow in February, for sure, and without fail – snow in March… Snow in April was a given, although toward the end of...

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The Choices and Soviet Ice-cream

The Choices and Soviet Ice-cream On occasion, in our Soviet society during 1970-1980s we had some choices. Vybor (the Russian word for “choice” or “choices”) perhaps wasn’t big. In many products we had maybe two items to choose from at the most, although it was more...

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The Myth of Soviet Reproduction

Why a Stork? The Myth of Soviet Reproduction   “In some cultures, babies were “found in the cabbage,”as in Germany, while in others, they were found in the fields of corn. In Soviet Russia, babies were brought by storks…” Once Upon a Soviet Child: Piano, Potatoes...

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Dear Readers, Welcome to our monthly Newsletter and Articles. This page will be updated monthly and will explore different subjects in Russian Soviet culture that a western audience may be less familiar with. For instance, what is a “closed society”? What’s a Closed...

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